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Proven Framework + World-Class Facilitation

Teams want to achieve greater results. But the mix of opinions, personalities, and responsibilities can make it hard for talented teams to align. By providing a proven strategy framework and world-class facilitation, I move hunches, passions, biases, and differences into commitments and results. 

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"Dave is like a strategy whisperer. He is able to gently pull the string and unwind complex challenges. He is then able to help people see and agree. His ability to create alignment is unmatched."

---- Mark Nelson, Senior Vice President, Marqeta

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A Proven Framework

We designed the "What it takes to win" framework to meet the diverse needs of Microsoft's top 4% of leaders and have since successfully applied it in medical, human resources, sales, and technology settings. 

The framework builds on four questions that methodically hone your strategy and the path to success.  

1. What is Winning? Surprisingly, few teams are really aligned at first. 

2. What is the Landscape? Understanding the landscape gives the motivation to change and the insight to solve the right problem.

3. What does it take to Win? The capabilities, processes, and investments must overcome the landscape challenges to build the path to winning.

4. What Actions and Investments Now? Building momentum requires evidence of commitment. It also requires saying "no" to some current priorities.

"Dave is a master at taking problems that companies have been struggling with for months, and with a few simple questions assisting you in solving the problem... ability to get to what really matters is unparalleled." 

Dave Pierce, Managing Director, GPS Capital Markets

Facilitation that unlocks your team's power

I design our time to build trust, create ownership, and drive results. I make it easy to speak openly and be understood. And I always anchor back to, "Will this make us win?" 

"My team describes Dave as 'Facilitation magic.'  His ability to engage, challenge, and keep things moving is truly amazing."  

---- Tope Iluyomade, Vice President, Marqeta

Creating results and "Magic"


If I merely ask, "Are we in agreement?" most people will say "Yes" because they mostly agree. But it is in the 5 -10% of disagreement where truth and opportunities are hidden.

A better question is:

"To what degree do you agree with this strategy (issue, decision, commitment, etc)? Give me a number of 1-100."

And then follow up: 

"What would have to be true to increase your agreement?"

The result: 

Achieve shared understanding of real issues that will lead to solutions and commitment... and a little bit of magic.

"My team is more aligned than they have ever been. Dave made it so I could focus on the discussion and issues, not the process.

---- Jon Atkinson, CEO, The Idea Village (for Entrepreneurs)

Yes, in person is best.  And I provide state-of-the-art virtual experiences

"Dave's virtual set up is amazing. It made such a difference on engagement and results." 

---- Idit Vachtel Ami, Senior Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, Salesforce

What leaders say

“We are more aligned as a team than we have ever been. Dave made it so our team could discuss tough issues and commit to unified decisions.”

Karna , Chief Marketing Officer, Marqeta

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Leaders create the future they make time for
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