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Leaders create the future


Discuss your goals. Interview stakeholders. Agree on objectives and design. 


Create a high-trust space to discuss what is winning and what it will take to win. Assure accountability.

Follow Through

Maintain momentum through communication plan, leadership dashboard, and coaching.

The challenge leaders face is that two stories are competing for the future: the existing & the new. 

Leaders decide which story wins

How they win

I help leaders win 

I help leadership teams define winning, build a shared strategy, and work more effectively together.


I design and facilitate high-impact retreats and discussions where leadership teams can discover, debate, decide, and commit.

I support strategy, change, mergers & acquistions, decision making, team effectiveness, and employee engagement.

"Dave is like a strategy whisperer. He is able to gently pull the string and unwind complex challenges. He is then able to help people see and agree. His ability to create alignment is unmatched."

Mark Nelson, VP, Marqeta

Why leaders rely on me 

+ Need to create a strategy or implement a change that is aligned and supported

+ Cost of revisiting a decision is too high 

+ Need to fully participate rather than manage process and personalities


+ Need team to play well together

+ Need to build more hope, trust, and engagement 

Who I work with

Primarily CEOs, Presidents, C-Suite, VPs, and General Managers and their teams


Companies ranging from Shark Tank winners to IPOs to Fortune 500s

>95% are repeat clients or referrals

What Leaders Say

"Dave Jennings' ability to help leaders define and align on strategy and implement change is best-in-class -- a true master with deep knowledge and experience. I highly recommend."

Dave Ulrich, #1 Most Influential HR Leader

New York Times Best-selling Author

"The retreat was a great success. I really appreciate how you were able to keep 45 leaders from around the country engaged in developing a shared strategy." 

Melissa Gonzalez, President, Womens Health, Myriad Genetics

"In the midst of a difficult international change, Dave made it so natural for my team to define where we are going and how we will get there. In spite of some leaders in the room having to change responsibilities, he brought the team together."

Tyson Lutz, Senior Vice President, Salesforce

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About me

I help leadership teams align and commit. I bring deep experience in strategy, change, leadership, and communication gained from working with Fortune 500 leaders in 21 countries. I have facilitated boards, C-suites, divisions and departments, and sales teams ranging from 5 to 200 people and supported mergers and acquisitions.

My approach is conversational and pragmatic. I believe leaders are not in their job because they have all the answers. They are in their jobs to find answers. I help them find answers faster.

Leaders create the future they make time for
Let's do a quick call

I can help you think about your strategy, change, or team situation and provide ideas you can personally apply with your team. If I provide you enough value, we can talk about ways I can support you.

Download a complimentary copy of
The 4 Strategy Questions.



This overview guide gives you access to the key question and process I use to facilitate breakthrough strategy sessions. These concepts will increase your ability to be a strategic leader and prepare you for breakthrough in your strategy. These concepts are the foundation of the "100 Days to Strategic Leader" program I created for Salesforce.

Download or Share with a colleague:

Hey, I think this may be helpful as you think about your strategy. 




The 4 Strategy Questions

The Essential Guide to 
a Winning Strategy






Dave Jennings PhD
#1 Wall Street Journal Best-selling author of "The Pit of Success: How leaders Adapt Succeed, And Repeat"

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