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Build a winning strategy and align your team

Two stories are competing for the future of your business: the existing story and the new story. The existing story is big, heavy, and familiar with known routines, habits, and predictable rewards. It can be your strategy, a process, a product, a service, a customer, or a market. Good people will stick to this story, even if they like the new story. 

Leaders determine which story wins.

The new story is unclear and unproven. Leaders win by creating a strategy that overcomes the status quo of the existing story and makes the new story -- and the path to get there -- more clear and more compelling. When the new story is "heavier" than the old story, your people deliver improved results. 

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I help leaders win 

I make it easier for leadership teams to define winning, build a shared strategy, and work more effectively together so the new story wins.


I design and facilitate high-impact retreats, discussions, and trainings where leadership teams can discover, debate, decide, and commit.

I deliver results in strategy, change, product road mapping, mergers & acquisitions, decision making, team effectiveness, and employee engagement.

“We continue to deliver results based on what Dave helped us create. Dave has a unique ability to make it easy for people to talk about issues and create solutions. His personable approach combined with a clear process and tools helped us align on our strategy and path.”

Neil Hunter, Chief Learning Officer, Deloitte

Who I work with

Primarily CEOs, Presidents, C-Suite, VPs, and General Managers and their teams


Companies ranging from a Shark Tank winner to IPOs to Fortune 500s

>95% are repeat clients or referrals

What leaders say

"The retreat was a great success. I really appreciate how you were able to keep 45 leaders from around the country engaged in developing a shared strategy." 

---- Melissa Gonzalez, President, Womens Health, Myriad Genetics

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Leaders create the future they make time for
Let's do a quick call

I can help you think about ways to achieve your strategy, change, or team needs.

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