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Strategic Leader Program
How to Influence, Build, and Deliver a Winning Strategy

Become a Strategic Leader​


You are often told, "Be more strategic." However, no one ever tells you just what that means or how to do it. Fortunately, becoming a strategic leader is learnable. The Strategic Leader: How to Influence, Build, and Deliver a Winning Strategy program gives you the skills and confidence you need to influence and deliver a winning strategy.


Our Solution is Threefold 

Strategic leadership is not one idea or one tool. It is a combination of how you view the world, the tools you use to assess and decide, and the skills you apply to get at issues and build commitment.​



How do strategic leaders thinking differently?



What frameworks and analytical tools do strategic leaders rely?



What skills make strategic leaders more effective?

You will learn to

  1. Think like a strategist and increase your strategic radar

  2. Build your own strategy and influence those who are building strategy

  3. Develop market facing strategy and internal strategy 

  4. Apply the "What it Takes to Win" Framework (a proven methodology for creating winning strategies)

  5. Utilize analytical tools for providing data and making better decisions

  6. Increase your ability to influence and get buy in 

  7. Speak more confidently and engage at a higher level

"Delivered everything I was hoping for! Real change." Senior Vice President, Salesforce

"Gave me a significant shift in my mindset and the tools I apply to address strategic issues. I now rely on the strategy questions and consulting questions every day." Director, Salesforce

Agenda: Six Classes plus One-on-One Coaching 
The focus is on building skills, not just learning great information. Each class is supported with 1:1 coaching and opportunities to apply skills on the job. The core classes (3 hours each) are taught once a week for the first three weeks. Then the anchoring courses are taught once every two weeks over the next six weeks. Schedule can be customized for in-house programs.

Session 1
3 hours

Strategy Mindset

Session 2
3 hours

Strategy Toolset

Session 3 
3 hours

Strategy Skillset

Session 4
3 hours
Integrating skills & Influencing

Session 5
1.5 hours
Influencing Executives

Session 6
1.5 hours

"The format gave me the depth to build and internalize the skills. And the reminders, coaching, and encouragement helped me apply in real settings with stakeholders and executives.  Director, Salesforce

Live virtual delivery

In addition to great content, I provide the best virtual interactive experience by using a Lightboard Studio to create a personal connection. 

As I talk with leaders, I am standing in front of a large piece of glass and writing. The interaction is personal and productive.  

Who should attend

Directors, VPs, and C-suite, Internal and External Consultants, Technical Product Managers


Open session: $2950 per participant includes 6 live virtual sessions, 6 coaching sessions, and workbook. Discounts available for companies with more than one participant. In-house programs: $36,000 for up to 20 people

Program size

Programs are 10-16 participants.

How to sign up for public sessions

We offer the program on a wait list basis. We strive to provide appropriate mix of participants. Sign up below. 

"Pulled me away from the routine of just doing things to focus more on aligning what we do to deliver to the strategy." Technical Product Manager, Salesforce


Strategic Leader: How to Influence, Build, and Deliver a Winning Strategy


What you will learn: The mindsets, toolset, and skill set to influence and create strategy

Agenda: Six sessions (Four 3-hour sessions and two 1.5 hour sessions) plus 1:1 coaching.

Delivery: Virtual  

Cost: $2950 per person for public session.  $36000 in-house program for up to 20 participants

Who should attend: Directors and above. Internal and external consultants.


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Thanks for your interest in Strategic Leadership! We'll get back to you soon.

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